The experience

Our aim

We all know the link between a good diet and educational achievement and we aim to not just provide breakfast, break, lunch and after school meals but explain where our food comes from and get the children to connect with how food is produced and enable the children to make good food choices that will last for life. 
The whole school is involved in food education and at the heart of it is the kitchen and the dining hall. We will not only adhere to the new standards for school food that came in to force in January but we will be going for a gold standard award from the Food for life partnership. We can’t achieve this award on our own we need your help and support. With the changing menu we will be encouraging the children to try new things and your support in this will be invaluable! Pizza, chips and chocolate won’t be on the menu every day so the children may need a little help from us and yourselves to try our new menu. I am always keen to receive your thoughts, suggestions or any questions you may have on our food offering.

Our team

We are committed to providing excellent food that is tasty, nutritionally balanced and is presented in an attractive way that the children will enjoy. Our team has extensive experience in various catering environments including five star hotels, restaurants, corporate hospitality, private care homes and schools. All this experience is bought together to create a relaxed, professional and fun environment for our pupils to enjoy breakfast, lunch and after school club meals. As we are all parents we understand the individual and specific needs of each of our pupils. If your child already eats with us then thank you for using us and if your child doesn’t then why not try us for a couple of days?